Can we just compare Leonardo DaVinci’s The Last Supper with the last supper the coven had before the Seven Wonders? 

  1. Myrtle Snow is the one sitting at where Jesus is depicted in the painting. And she is one the burned at the stake which, in the witches’ world, is considered their version of crucifixion. 
  2. Where Judas Iscariot is sitting in the painting, who is responsible for giving up Jesus and being paid for it is where Madison is sitting and she was going to go to TMZ and reveal the coven to the press (which I assume she would be paid for)
  3. Queenie is also sitting roughly in the same position as Thomas who was known for doubting Jesus and his resurrection, it’s a stretch but out of everyone in the coven Queenie was the one with the most doubts out of anyone

And I’m looking to see if there’s any other relevance.

Also, Myrtle’s death:

  1. She was crucified on what seemed to be like a hill or between two hills/mountains and numerous well known paintings of Jesus’ crucifixion have him depicted as the same
  2. She died for the good of the coven and Jesus died to save the world from sin


(I knew my art history classes would come in handy some day)

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